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Christine’s Story


I want to thank the MVDC bridge ministry for being there for me when I was living under the bridge and for everything you are doing for me now. You saved my life. I am so grateful that you are devoted to people like me. Not everyone experiencing temporary homelessness is a drug addict or alcoholic. What you do every week will help somebody and save them. Thank you.

You were the ones who gave me hope to keep going every day and to wait for Saturday to come around when you would show up and pray with me. You know, every day that I was under that bridge I prayed and hoped that God would save me so I would have a place to go with my dogs. I have to say that it was kind of a strong feeling that I had. I had faith even though a lot of people kept telling me to give up on finding a place where I could bring my dogs.

I waited for God to come through and now I have a beautiful home and my dogs are here with me. I never would have made it without your support. Believe me there were times when I thought about sending my dogs to the MSPCA and ending my life but your team gave me hope. You lifted my faith when it was lacking. You wiped away my tears so many times in the past year and seven months. You gave me hope. You helped me to see that Jesus was there for me.

I thank God for that first day when I prayed that he would send someone under the bridge to be with me and your team showed up twenty minutes later. I will never stop thanking you for everything you have done or thanking God for sending you.


My name is Steven and I am a 27 year old recovering heroin addict. About 3 years ago I was a homeless hopeless active heroin addict. I was living under the central bridge with my fiancé when we met Jeff and Denise through the bridge ministry.
This was the beginning of not only a long journey for me but more importantly a life-long friendship inspired purely by God’s love. At this hopeless point in my life Jeff and Denise along with several others from the bridge ministry were the first people to consistently show up and love us. This began to give me hope that maybe I wouldn’t have to die this way.
After getting into a detox program and completing a halfway house I have developed a relationship with God through the 12 steps. My faith in God grows on a daily basis and wouldn’t have been possible in my opinion had there not been people like those from the bridge ministry showing me His love when they had every reason not to. For this I am forever grateful!
Today, I have recovered from that lonely hopeless state of mind. God has removed that thinking from my mind. It all started with the love he poured into me through his trusted servants underneath that bridge.
Today I am not only in recovery, I am also a productive member in my community! I am gainfully employed as a carpenter. I am the father to three beautiful children. I am a son, a brother, a fiancé and also a friend.
God has made this possible. I was incapable of being any of these things on my own. Most importantly I have a purpose today and I am able to identify with people who are stuck in that same thinking I was once stuck in and I am able to pour God’s love into them! If God has changed my mind and soul I am sure he can do it for anyone. I am forever grateful to God for placing these angels in my family’s life.
Peace, Love, Happiness,